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Dubai City Tour

A wonderland, a bombshell, a dream world, a fairy land, a city has it all!!! Dubai. Dubai city where nobody can bore. City that never sleeps. The city that plays soothing symphony. The city best suitable for honeymoon, vacations, recreation purposes, tourism is absolutely! Dubai.

Tour Dubai

It is like a Master Piece of passionate painter which glooms as he plays with diverse colors on its sketch board. Manmade gorgeous island, jumbled culture, heartfelt ballet dancing deserts, luxurious hotels, shopping malls and many many more things are here in Dubai! For each and every kind of mood and person.

You still haven’t been to Dubai but always wanted to visit? You are now here for a business trip, a stopover, or maybe on a short expedition with your loved one, and you wish to explore every bit of it but don’t know where to begin! Have no worries, we know how to roll. We are here at your service!A Presenting City Tour Dubai!

We cover all the must see of Dubai. City Tour Dubai Start 9:00 AM and end up in afternoon.

Welcome to the City Tour DUBAI:


We’ll meet and greet you with our spacious, air-conditioned Vehicles, our well trained and well informed, multilingual tour guides and a bottle of sparkling mineral water. We’ll pick you up from wherever you are airport, hotel lobby, Cruise ship terminal. We cater you with the best facilities! We give you a royal treatment in your budget! Explore Dubai city with us!


Burj Khalifa :

Worlds tallest architechral wonder seems like gossiping with the bright blue handsome sky is tourist main attraction, the Burj Khalifa! Surly you can capture unforgettable moments of Tour Dubai ! We know you want to share your memories with friends and family!


Palm Jumeirah :

The largest man made artificial islands created through land reclamation and shaped to form a palm tree, the islands are a unique sight. We stop at the renowned Atlantis hotel and you get to take as many clicks as you like.


Burj Al Arab:

Burj Al Arab!!! Gives an idea of isolated-lonesome-friendless gadget in the heart of an ocean. That apparently looks sad but is the source of tourist attraction because of its lush lavish decor and mind-blowing construction and ultimately its sadness turns into happiness¦

Historical and Cultural Heritage:

Jumeirah Mosque is one of the most excellent-the most photographed mosques ever in the world. Symbol of Islamic civilization and reflection of inborn culture. Foreigners are welcome whole heartedly to have deep insight picture of Islamic religion.

Connecting To the Past:

After this we go close to the water of Dubai, hire an Abra or water taxi that gives us a peek into parts of the old Dubai and drives along the Dubai creek. Here away from the skyscrapers you get a taste of the real life of Dubai. You will surly enjoy the trip with our promising schedule! We will take you to the real insight of THE DUBAI!


Gold and Spice Souk:

Tour Dubai would not be complete without a visit to the Gold and spice souk. Dubai is the shopping paradise; it is on full display with all its goods here. One couldn’t bear the shimmer and eyes dazzling reflection of bright yellow gold, At the jewel of the world openly displayed at shops. Wow! Part of this visit is that it checks the haggling ability of shopping crazy guys.

Hope to see you again!

Fun as it was, it’s time for us to bid you farewell. We drop you off at your destination (hotel, airport) and wish you enjoyed seeing Dubai as much as we enjoyed showing it to you. Don’t forget to recommend Tour Dubai to others too!


Be a part of one of the most remarkable trip! Explore Dubai and get fascinated with the beautiful areas located in there!


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